Invest in Idaho’s Future Now

Today I dropped off my last few Quality Education Act petitions full of signatures from Twin Falls supporters. Idahoans want the opportunity to vote on increasing funding of public education. Even though the Idaho Legislature rigged the petition process by requiring a ton of signatures from 18 different districts. That still didn’t stop “We The People” from organizing across Idaho to gather signatures for the #QualityEducationAct ballot initiative petition. Thanks to Reclaim Idaho Volunteers & community leaders Statewide, the 18-district requirement is met!!

As your Independent Candidate for Twin Falls State Representative, I support restoring the corporate tax rate to historical rate of 8% to raise over $300 million a year to pay their fair share,  invest back into education, pay for teachers and support staff.

Reclaim Idaho

Earth Day 2022

On this Earth Day, I would like to honor, the one, the only, Mr. Bill Chisholm. While the so called “conservative” State Republicans pimped Idaho out, for over four decades, to the highest bidder as the dumping ground of the Nation’s nuclear waste, Bill dedicated his entire life to protecting & keeping Idaho safe! In 2018, barrels containing radioactive sludge at the East Idaho nuclear site were found raptured, the facility sits atop a giant water aquifer. 😭

FOR PROFIT GREED is how our State’s so called “conservatives” have endangered our water and way of life in Idaho. For profit corporations sponsoring Candidates, like my opponent, prioritize specifical interest over the people’s well being, Idaho’s wildlife, limited resources & sacred Nature. As an Independent Candidate for State Representative T.F. I will continue to protect Idaho!!

Thank you for your wisdom, mentorship and support as I run for State Representative Bill. I learned so much from you. I am grateful for your lifetime of activism for Idaho’s nature and Idaho’s future generations. HAPPY EARTH DAY 2022 Twin Falls #EarthDay2022 #Idaho #IndependentCandidate #StateRepresentative #TwinFallsDist25

Affordable & Accessible Housing

Affordable and accessible housing for seniors and families on limited income is a priority issues as your State Representative for Twin Falls Dist. 25. I had the honor of meeting David and his caregiver today. They registered to vote for the first time and will be voting in the upcoming election. He gave me permission to share his story. David is a single father of two, struggling to find affordable, or accessable housing in Twin Falls. After surviving an accident leaving him paralyzed, he was overwhelmed with medical bills and finding a place to live. He has been on a waiting list for over two years!! Currently 90% of his disability check goes to rent an tiny apartment that is NOT accessible.

Each time you submit an application for housing it cost at least $25. How can someone on disability income afford these applications fees with $60 to survive with after paying rent? We need better public policy at the State level to protect families on limited income, seniors, veterans and individuals living with disabilities who are preyed and taken advantage of in their housing struggle. Idahoans have been prices out of the housing and renting market with out of State residents moving in who can afford the inflated prices. This housing crisis, price gouging, lack of housing options and homelessness is the reality for families in the Magic Valley are face.

Read about my platforms on What David, veterans, seniors, students, and other limited income families experience in accessing housing is unacceptable. Every family deserves a decent place to live in, without choosing between rationing food, heat or medicine. #ThePeopleFirst #VoteBabayan #IndependentCandidate #StateRepresentative #TwinFallsDist25 #November8

Small Business Advocate

Idaho small businesses were devastated by lockdowns, supply chain disruptions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our own family business like so many Idaho businesses, is navigating in real time the aftershocks of each emerging varient and it’s negative effect on the economy. As a self made, first generation, small business owner I understand how crucial education, technology, inovation and talent retention is for Idaho’s entrepreneurship and economic vitality. Completely honored to represent Idaho’s small business community concerns at the “Women in Small Business Roundtable” with Sen. Risch and the National Women’s Business Council. Small business is the heart and soul of middle class America. The NWBC is a federal advisory committee established to provide advice and policy recommendations to the U.S. President, Congress and the Small Business Administration on issues related to Idaho’s business enterprise. As your State Representative I will continue to champion support for small businesses by reducing red tape and over regulation barrieres while maintaining safety in Idaho! #VoteBabayan #StateRepresentative #TwinFallsDist25 #SmallBusinessOwner #SupportIdahoBusiness #LocalElectionsMatter #NationalWomensBusinessCouncil

The Opioid, Meth & Heroin Crisis in Idaho

We are ignoring the biggest threat to public health and safety in Idaho. I’m speaking out on behalf of the struggling families and the children trapped in this cycle of addiction.

I meet with Republican families who have lost loved ones to addiction. I meet with Democrat families who have lost loved ones to addiction. This is why I am running as an Independent Candidate for State Representative. I understand how the same challenges affect us regardless of our Political leanings. Dope doesn’t care what Party affiliation you are, if any affiliation at all, it is destroying Idaho lives, families and communities indiscriminately. The War on Drugs is a disaster and has failed the American people! This failed policy is embedded in the criminal justice system. We won’t arrest our way out of it. We won’t shame our way out of it. We won’t politicize our way out of it.

Forget the taboo stereotype of a dirty, street junkie, this opioid epidemic has no stereotype. Your spouse, the clean dresses neighbor, the soccer mom, your church goer friend, your grandparent, our Veterans, professional co-worker or straight A, athlete teenage son/daughter are the stereotype and statistic now. When everyone you talk to, has a loved one or knows of someone recovering from, or addicted to opioids, we have a real epidemic on our hands. Idaho’s opioid epidemic is screaming for our attention. 

I’ve lived through this cycle of addiction, experience loved ones and friends struggle in out the traps of substance abuse. Lost too many to overdose. I am not taking away the blame from individuals who make bad choices in life, but the choices people make in life are from the choices they are given. At least in Idaho we can offer better choices and better supportive resources for recovery. Support our healthcare providers by prioritizing mental health funding, preventative education and taking real legislative action to address cycles of addiction.

As your State Representative I will continue to advocate for families struggling in this horrific cycle by proposing a legislative committee to work with the governor’s task force composed of people who first hand experienced addiction cycles, work in substance addiction programs, abuse counselors, law enforcement, recovery nonprofits, health providers and faith leaders from the community to focus on tackling this complex epidemic. As your public servant I am committed, ready to listen, co-create solutions for the well being of our children, our families & the future of our Great State of Idaho. #ThePeopleFirst #OpioidEpidemic #VoteBabayan #IndependentCandidate #StateRepresentative #TwinFallsDist25 #Idaho

Idaho Medical Marijuana-Act Petitions

I am the only State Representative Candidate for Twin Falls actively supporting, advocating and collecting signatures for the Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Idaho. We are ignoring the biggest threat to public health and safety in our community. The meth and opioid epidemic is destroying families in our community. The War on Drugs has failed the American people. The status quo is to stigmatize, shame, criminalize instead of addressing the underlying factors. Marijuana is not the gateway, that arguments has been thrown out the window long ago. The real gateways are the cycles of violence, mental health, chronic poverty, childhood abuse & trauma in our community and State. Meeting and talking to families throughout the Magic Valley who live with chronic pain, or have loved ones suffering from chronic pain, epilepsy, Parkinson, immune disorders, chronic depression and PTSD – medical marijuana is part of the solution to these health conditions. We are getting signatures in support from every voter demographic, age, political and faith background of you can imagine.

I am being upfront about where I stand on medical marijuana, you bet when the time comes I will vote YES!! We need elected officials who don’t toe the Party line and suppress the vote of the people when medical marijuana passes statewide. Election day is Nov 8th – register and vote for Independent Candidate who brings people together on issues that matter most to Idahoans.  #VoteBabayan #IndependentCandidate #StateRepresentative #TwinFallsDist25 #ThePeopleFirst #Idaho #MedicalMarijuana 

Remembering September 11

On this night 20 years ago, 246 people went to sleep in preparation for their morning flights. 2606 people went to sleep in preparation for work in the morning. 343 firefighters went to sleep in preparation for their morning shift. 60 police officers went to sleep in preparation for their morning shift of saving lives. None of them saw past 10:00 Sept 11, 2001. I was in my American Government class. All our eyes fixated on every Television that morning at Twin Falls High School. I looked around the classroom, noticed the paralyzing disbelief of my American friends and the relieved, traumatic memories of my refugee friends. Experiencing PTSD flashbacks of atrocities my own refugee family survived I did not know how to process the day. I was in yearbook club and took pictures of people crying, hugging, coping, grieving together that night at Twin Falls City Park vigil. I miss America the day after 9/11, there was no division, not by color, not by politics, not by religion, not by immigration status. I remember the way it felt. Do you remember? 9/11 affected all of us, born, naturalized, immigrated, documented, undocumented it was an attack all Americans. Americans from all walks of life united in a historic way to reopen and rebuild. We rolled up our sleeves to honor the fallen by supporting, defending and bringing back life without fear back to America. We were united by our pain, compassion and strength. With 641,000 American Covid-19 deaths, we still see a Nation divided, some hesitating to roll up their sleeves, get vaccinated and support frontline workers saving lives. We said “we will never forget,” but somehow it shows that we did indeed forget. That’s a tragedy unto itself. God Bless all who sacrifice and serve. #September11 #NeverForget #FrontlineWorkers #VoteBabayan #TwinFallsCityCouncil

The People First the Will of the People!!

Proud to use my voice at the Capitol and help pass Medicaid Expansion to grant access to health care for 80,000 Idaho seniors, business owners and hard working working families who fell through the health coverage gap. Even before elected, my professional and civic record for integrity in representation, strong democratic principles and support for quality of life initiatives in Idaho aligns with the people first. Our public servants are elected to serve the people, legislate the people’s priorities not the priorities of special interest groups, pharmaceutical or insurance industries.  Represent The People First! #ThePeopleFirst #IndependentCandidate #StateRepresentative #TwinFallsDist25 #VoteBabayan #Health #Access #Reclaim #WeThePeople #Idaho

Presenting my book “Liminal” in Congress

When you are invited to Washington D.C. to present your book in Congress. 🙌🏽 I am deeply honored to share my family’s genocide survivor story with members of Congress today. Wish me luck!! 🙏🏽 I wish my grandparents were alive to witness this day!! Meeting and presenting my testimony to Foreign Affairs Committee members today. I dedicate this day and my book “Liminal, a refugee memoir ” to the memory of my beloved Aunt Lola Ter Simonyan, murdered in the ethnic killings in Baku, Azerbaijan. I am grateful for this once lifetime opportunity. Proud to represent Twin Falls everywhere this book takes me. #proudmoment #VoteBabayan #IndependentCandidate #StateRepresentative #TwinFallsDist25 #ThePeopleFirst #Idaho

Never Forget POW MIA Idaho

This is the greatest honor of my life, speaking at the POW * MIA Western States annual dinner on this 50th anniversary!! Proud of my son Dominic for reading his poem “Brave.” I can not express how sentimental this moment is for my entire family, for my father (who never saw his POW MIA father,) to honor my grandfather Sarkiss Babayan and share his legacy with fellow Idaho Veterans. We will Never Forget. Support our Veterans the other 364 days a year, fund mental health and PTSD resources. As your State Representative I will support our Veterans the other 364 days a year, not just on Veteran’s Day, by properly fund mental health and PTSD resources. Thank you for your service & sacrifice. God Bless our POW * MIA families. #IndependentCandidate #StateRepresentative #TwinFallsDist25 #MagicValley #Veterans #POWMIA