Integrity in Elections & Representation

WE THE PEOPLE of Twin Falls deserve integrity in representation, not another establishment place holder, special interest, corporate bought & toe the Party agenda machine, career politician.

I am running as an INDEPENDENT. I am fully & only funded by the people. We The People deserve better integrity, accountability & transparency in State government. By the people, for the people.

Why are you running as an Independent?
I am Independent because the everyday priorities which concern Idahoans most, are not political, they are livelihood priorities. We have more in common, for example, on Education, Mental Health, Water, Healthcare, Individual Freedom, Property Taxes, Cycles of Addiction with individuals from various political backgrounds than we realize. Divisive Party culture wars are distractive, wasteful & counterproductive to getting the work done taxpayers expect.

Are you sponsored by any corporations?
Unlike my opponent, I am not sponsored by any corporations or special interest groups, my entire election campaign is 100% fully people funded. My average contribution is $25, and I refuse to accept any PAC, realtor’s association or any special interest lobby money!!

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