Join us LIVE on Newsradio 1310 KLIX

Had a great LIVE session on Newsradio 1310 KLIX today, sharing campaign updates & taking questions from listeners.
Ways you can support me:
πŸͺ§Display a yard sign. Text 541-292-7159 & we’ll deliver one right to your address.
🀝🏼 Host a meet & greet at your home, yard, small business, book club, organization.
πŸ’² Make a contribution to help with campaign cost & materials
πŸšͺ Volunteer to door knock, invite me to your neighborhood, walk together & knock together.
πŸ—³ Register to vote, early voting is Oct 24th-Nov 4th, election is on Nov 8th. Thank you for your support.
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Door Knocking Twin Falls


β€œAsk not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” JFK
Beautiful sunset as I walk Twin Falls neighborhoods, sharing my Independent Candidate platform for State Representative. Everyone I meet, regardless of their political leaning, echo each other & agree on what matters most
βœ” ability to provide for family
βœ” quality of education/school
βœ” stop government overreach
βœ” stop government $$$ waste
βœ” protect Idaho’s natural resources
βœ” end the divisive culture wars & get the people’s business done in State government.
Keep sharing. I’m listening.
My election campaign is about representing #ThePeopleFirst. Not special interest groups or corporation or Political Parties.The People!

We Remember Sept 11


LOVE this local tradition at Xavier Charter School.
Was sharing with my children this morning about September 12, how much I really miss the day after September 11. There was no division that day, not by color, not by politics, not by religion, not by immigration status. Do you remember? I remember how it felt. Sept 11 affected all of us, born, naturalized, immigrated, documented, undocumented it was an attack all Americans. But it was September 12 that revealed who we are as Americans. Americans from all walks of life united in a historic way to reopen and rebuild. We rolled up our sleeves to honor the fallen by supporting, defending & bringing life back to America. We were united by our pain, compassion & strength. God Bless all who continue to sacrifice & serve.

Family. Resilience. Community.

Today was a full day of grassroots community connections. Appreciate every conversation I’m privileged to have with all you moms at Ooh La La Boutique shopping our family small business.
Celebrated community and registered families to vote at #LatinoFest2022, loved every moment of celebrating with you all. Thank you organizers.
Family. Resilience. Community. Today centered around these three words. The most rewarding part of campaigning as an Independent Candidate is connecting with people around what’s most important to all of us, family & community. Deeply grateful, thank you for your support!!

Happy Labor Day

On this Labor Day 2022 I want to recognize the heart beat keeping America’s work force alive & thriving 🚚 πŸš› 🚚 our truck drivers!!
No matter if you work in agriculture, fashion, retail, healthcare, construction, manufacturing or run a mom & pop small business, we can not do our work daily without truck drivers.
Truck drivers keep America moving! Thank you to all who deliver our goods, supplies, products, for keeping our markets competing, workforce working, businesses open & economy going strong.

Grassroots Community Campaign


When you are a true grassroot candidate, you take the time to walk neighborhoods, meet working class families, listen to them directly, understand their concerns with their children’s education, their property tax, their health insurance, their small business, their rent, cost of living & what matters most to the people of our community. My children & I (and our Yorkie) enjoyed door knocking this evening, if we missed you we left my info on your. Your yards look amazing! (Wow I need some gardening lessons.) Invite us out to your neighborhood by texting 541-292-7159 Thank you for your supporting my grassroots community campaign!!