2022 Marks Idaho’s 2nd Year of Drought

Did you know 2022 marks Idaho’s 2nd year of drought, as we and our farmers experience historic level water shortage and the drying up of aquifers. Resource Impact & Regional Development is one of my core election priorities and here’s why. Whether you are an amature gardner like me or generational farmer like my campaign treasurer Armand Eckert, the Magic Valley’s natural resources are the backbone of our culture & livelihood in southern Idaho. Common sense development and policies will ensure our farmers, businesses and communities will prosper while also preserving adequate water supplies, healthy soil, & habitat for our iconic wildlife. There is a disconnect between the values our legislature expresses and legislative action when it comes to protecting our waters, land, & environment. It is concerning to know that for-profit corporations influence political action & are in the pockets of our State Representatives.
I am running a FULLY people-only funded election campaign, I refuse to deliver favors to special interests & corporations as a State Representative. My commitment is to the people, our farmers, and the future Idaho generations. When it comes to preserving Idaho’s nature, it affects our long-term vitality and economic growth. Our nature is not a political issue, it is a livelihood issue. It is our lifeline for farming, living, and tourism. A healthy community & environment are essential for quality of life, economic success, & future prosperity.
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