Proud Mama -12 year old graduates Civil Air Patrol

Not everyday a Twin Falls 12 year old graduates Civil Air Patrol encampment,
or flies in a Black Hawk,Β or recieves 2 “exceeding excellence” awards,
or is honored by a TWO STAR U.S. GENERAL WHO GIFTS HER PERSONALIZED AIR NATIONAL GUARD COIN TO HIM πŸ˜³βœˆπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ…WOW, today was 1 in a million amazing, we will treasure this memory as long as we live. Beyond proud of you son, you make all your ancestors proud with your ethos, humanitarian heart and work ethic.
I LOVE YOU, you are the nectar of my life. #ProudMoment #Cadet #Babayan #AirPatrol #AirNationalGuard #TwoStarGeneral #thisisTwinFalls #Youngest #Graduation

LIVE with Candidate Babayan on KLIX News Talk Radio

Super honored to have a whole hour LIVE on News Talk radio KLIX, listening & answering questions. Thank you to all who called in, learn more about my core priorities platform & support my election by donating on Thank you πŸ™πŸ½ If you want the same old business as usual, Party endorsed, career politician – vote for my opponent. If you want an Independent, outside the establishment, accountable to the people and fully funded only by the people, candidate – Vote for Candidate Babayan
The PEOPLE should control their government. NOT the Democrats. NOT the Republicans. NOT Corporations. NOT Special Interest Groups. NOT PACs. NOT the corrupt establishment & the good ol’ boys nepotism. WE THE PEOPLE πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ˜‘πŸ—³ #ThePeopleFirst #Independent #StateRepresentative #TwinFalls #Dist25 #LocalElectionsMatter

First Time Voter Family

When a young family decides to invest in their child’s future by registering to vote!! Congratulations to this beautiful, first time voter family!! Register to vote at
We all want to provide a better life for our children. As a mother raising children, I have the same concerns about the health, safety, opportunity & quality of education as you do for your children. It’s not a matter of politics for parents, it’s security and livelyhood. Children can not vote, they depend on us to make the best decisions for their future today. As your Independent Candidate for State Representative, former School Board Trustees and most importantly a Mama of two growing children, quality of life for Idaho’s children is my top priority. Visit to support and donate to my election campaign.

Happy Independence Day!


Only in America can a persecuted Christian, Russian speaking, Armenian family be cooking Middle Eastern food, listening to Reggae music, while chatting with our Muslim Bosnian & Catholic Mexican friends to celebrate being free Americans together.Β  Happy 1st Independence Day to newly Naturalized Americans celebrating today!!

Thank you to all who have served and defended freedom. Thank you to all Veterans. May we honor you by keeping the spirit of freedom to keep forming a more perfect union all year long. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY from Independent Candidate for State Representative T.F. Liyah Babayan