Proud Small Business Owner

As a local small business owner I’ve learned the most from listening to people & other business owners in our community. As an Twin Fall Independent Candidate for State Representative, I believe these genuine relationships are vital to community well being as much as it is for a thriving economy. Local small businesses are the backbone of America’s economy, my experience as a small business owner and relations built over 17 years, will insure Idaho small businesses have a voice in public policy. Thank to all the women entrepreneurs who attended and shared their experience!

If you’re thinking of starting a business, or currently in business & ready to scale it up or have an incredible entrepreneurial idea, the Idaho Women’s Business Center has SO many resources and training available to Idaho business owners.

Protect Idaho

Room was absolutely packed!

The proposed wind turbine project brought locals from every side of the political spectrum imaginable together to protect Idaho, our natural resources and way of life. As your Independent Candidate for State Representative T.F. I know the importance of showing up, listening & put the will of the people first. This is why, unlike my opponent, I am NOT financially backed by energy corporations or any special interest groups.…/campaign-finance-filing/ Integrity in representation starts with integrity in campaign fundraising.

🙌🏽Proud that my election campaign is fully funded by the people & ONLY by the people!🚜Proud to have a local sugar beet farmer as my campaign treasurer!🌱Thank you to the farmers at the townhall who contributed to my campaign Thank everyone who took the time to meet & share their concerns.

Follow The Money!

Follow the money💰💸
Here are the some of the special interest, corporations and PAC groups who have donated to my opponent’s campaign. This oligarchy of big businesses influence on government is hijacking our representative government. Who do you represent & work for? This is why we need to drain the swamp. Thank you Newsradio 1310 KLIX host Bill Colley for inviting me on this morning to inform voters about my Independent State Representative platform. Unlike my opponent, I recieve humble contributions from ordinary, hard working Twin Falls families and refuse corporation, special interest or establishment funds. To support and donation to my grassroots campaign visit