Invest in Idaho’s Future Now

Today I dropped off my last few Quality Education Act petitions full of signatures from Twin Falls supporters. Idahoans want the opportunity to vote on increasing funding of public education. Even though the Idaho Legislature rigged the petition process by requiring a ton of signatures from 18 different districts. That still didn’t stop “We The People” from organizing across Idaho to gather signatures for the #QualityEducationAct ballot initiative petition. Thanks to Reclaim Idaho Volunteers & community leaders Statewide, the 18-district requirement is met!!

As your Independent Candidate for Twin Falls State Representative, I support restoring the corporate tax rate to historical rate of 8% to raise over $300 million a year to pay their fair share,  invest back into education, pay for teachers and support staff.

Reclaim Idaho

Earth Day 2022

On this Earth Day, I would like to honor, the one, the only, Mr. Bill Chisholm. While the so called ‚Äúconservative‚ÄĚ State Republicans pimped Idaho out, for over four decades, to the highest bidder as the dumping ground of the Nation‚Äôs nuclear waste, Bill dedicated his entire life to protecting & keeping Idaho safe! In 2018, barrels containing radioactive sludge at the East Idaho nuclear site were found raptured, the facility sits atop a giant water aquifer. ūüė≠

FOR PROFIT GREED is how our State‚Äôs so called ‚Äúconservatives‚ÄĚ have endangered our water and way of life in Idaho. For profit corporations sponsoring Candidates, like my opponent, prioritize specifical interest over the people‚Äôs well being, Idaho’s wildlife, limited resources & sacred Nature. As an Independent Candidate for State Representative T.F. I will continue to protect Idaho!!

Thank you for your wisdom, mentorship and support as I run for State Representative Bill. I learned so much from you. I am grateful for your lifetime of activism for Idaho‚Äôs nature and Idaho’s future generations. HAPPY EARTH DAY 2022 Twin Falls #EarthDay2022 #Idaho #IndependentCandidate #StateRepresentative #TwinFallsDist25