Small Business Advocate

Idaho small businesses were devastated by lockdowns, supply chain disruptions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our own family business like so many Idaho businesses, is navigating in real time the aftershocks of each emerging varient and it’s negative effect on the economy. As a self made, first generation, small business owner I understand how crucial education, technology, inovation and talent retention is for Idaho’s entrepreneurship and economic vitality. Completely honored to represent Idaho’s small business community concerns at the “Women in Small Business Roundtable” with Sen. Risch and the National Women’s Business Council. Small business is the heart and soul of middle class America. The NWBC is a federal advisory committee established to provide advice and policy recommendations to the U.S. President, Congress and the Small Business Administration on issues related to Idaho’s business enterprise. As your State Representative I will continue to champion support for small businesses by reducing red tape and over regulation barrieres while maintaining safety in Idaho! #VoteBabayan #StateRepresentative #TwinFallsDist25 #SmallBusinessOwner #SupportIdahoBusiness #LocalElectionsMatter #NationalWomensBusinessCouncil