Affordable Housing & Rental Crisis

I had the honor of meeting David and his caregiver today. They registered to vote for the first time and will be voting in this City Council election. 🙌🏽 He gave me permission to share his story. David is a single father of two, struggling to find affordable housing in Twin Falls. After surviving an accident leaving him paralyzed, he was overwhelmed with medical bills and finding a place to live. He has been on a waiting list for over two years!! Currently 90% of his disability check goes to rent an tiny apartment that is NOT accessible.

Each time you submit an application for housing it cost at least $25. How can someone on disability income afford these applications fees with $60 to survive with after paying rent? We need multi-income access to housing in Twin Falls for families on limited income, seniors, veterans and individuals living with disabilities. Locals have been prices out of the housing and renting market to out of State residents moving in who can afford the inflated prices. This housing crisis, price gouging, lack of housing options and homelessness is the reality for families in our community face.

Affordable housing is a priority issues for my Twin Falls City Council election. Read about my platforms on What David, veterans, seniors,students, and limited income families experience in TF housing is unacceptable. Every family deserves a decent place to live in, without choosing between rationing food, heat or medicine. #ThePeopleFirst #VoteBabayan #Nov2nd #TwinFallsCityCouncilSeat5

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