The Opioid, Meth & Heroin Crisis in Twin Falls

Asking tax payers to pay for the expansion of jails is nonsense. Property owners are tired of being taxed. The status quo has failed the public, sweeping real issues under the rug for decades. We need out of the box thinking and leadership that in touch with reality. We are ignoring the biggest threat to public health and safety in Twin Falls. I’m speaking out on behalf of the struggling families and the children trapped in this cycle of addiction.

When you find used needles walking on the Canyon Rim, we have a problem. When a child is killed in daylight (in one of our nicer neighborhoods) in a drive by, we have a problem. When downtown businesses are affected by the daily drug activity on Main Ave, we have a problem. When everyone you talk to, has a loved one or knows of someone recovering from, or addicted to opioids, we have a REAL community problem!

The War on Drugs is a disaster and has failed the American people! This failed policy is embedded in our current criminal justice system. We won’t arrest our way out of it. We won’t shame our way out of it. We won’t ignore our way out of it. Meth, pills, heroine are available faster and cheaper in our Twin Falls, including our schools and the hookup is just $10 and call away. Forget the taboo stereotype of a dirty, street junkie, this opioid epidemic has no stereotype. Your spouse, clean dresses neighbor, soccer mom, church goer friend, grandfather, Veteran, professional co-worker or straight A, athlete teenage son/daughter is the stereotype and statistic.

I’ve lived through this cycle of addiction, experience loved ones and friends struggle in out the traps of substance abuse. Lost too many to overdose. I am not taking away the blame from individuals who make bad choices in life, but the choices people make in life are from the choices they are given. At least for our community in Twin Falls we can offer better choices. By breaking the silence, centering mental health and take real action to address cycles of addition.

I propose a NEW public policy & THROWING THE WAR ON DRUGS POLICY in to the trashcan!! One action City Council could take is, develop a task force composed of people who first hand experienced addiction cycles, work in substance addiction programs, abuse counselors, law enforcement, recovery nonprofits, health providers and faith leaders from the community to focus on tackling this complex epidemic. There are private and Federal grants available to support our efforts outlined by this task force to strengthen community partnerships, education and mental health services.

These are uncomfortable conversations which we need our leadership to hold around mental health and addiction cycles. I am committed, ready to co-create solutions for the well being of our children, our families & our community as your Councilwoman. 🙌🙏 #ThePeopleFirst #OpioidEpidemic #VoteBabayan #Nov2nd #TwinFallsCityCouncil

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