Remembering September 11

Memory 18 years ago, sitting in class at Twin Falls High School, glued to the TV screen in disbelief. The first plane hit the tower, then the second. For my peers this was the first time they witnessed violence on such a scale. I remembered the atrocities and terrorism my family survived before coming to America. I couldn’t believe the country my family sought refuge in, was now under attack! Everyone was in shock, we were all affected. People united that day. I saw people crying, hugging, coping, grieving together at Twin Falls City Park on September 11, 2001. As one Nation, as one community, brought together by tragedy. We were one Nation on that day, I remember the way it felt. Do you remember? There was no division on that day, no color, no religion, no immigration status… it was beautiful. I honor this unity today, as I remember the lives lost on Sept 11. Nowadays it feels communities are dissected into who is “welcomed” and who is “not welcomed” here. Like we forgot. That’s a tragedy onto itself. September 11 effected ALL Americans. Born, naturalized, immigrated, documented, undocumented it was an attack all of us. On our individual and collective freedom. I cherish my liberties, and defend the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all. For some citizenship is a birthright, for the rest of us immigrants it’s a journey, a dream, a patriotic struggle. “We the people.” No truer words of unity ever written. #September11 #ThePeopleFirst #VoteBabayan #TwinFallsCityCouncil

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