I declare my candidacy for Twin Falls City Council Seat 4 in 2019

I want our children to live in a Twin Falls like the one we grew up in. One that does not lose its small town values, small business, safe neighborhoods and accountability. Our city is growing too fast, without a supportive infrastructure or affordable housing to sustain all this growth. Tax payers are tired of picking up the tab of senseless government spending. We want to live in a city that makes sound, future proof economic and development decisions, is responsible stewards of the natural resources we are blessed with. We want to live in a Twin Falls that offers a pathways to a bright future for everyone, especially our youth.

My full platform is outlined under community issues. It is driven by prioritizing working-class values instilled by my parents: conservative spending, individual liberty, limited government, equality, dignity and respect of all people, regardless of their background.

and I am ready to earn your vote this Nov 5th. I will be your outspoken voice, wherever it is needed, putting the people of our community first.

Support me by, donating to www.liyahbabayan.com become a campaign ambassador by volunteering, by hosting a meet and greet at your home, small business or civic group. Elections are this November 5th. Register to vote at idahovotes.gov. #ThePeopleFirst #VoteBabayan #TwinFallsCityCouncilSeat4

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