Idaho Medical Marijuana Act – Petition

The war on drugs has failed the American people. Not surprised the jail bond failed to pass. The people are woke and are demanding politicians listen and prioritize their needs over pharmaceutical, for profit prison & criminal justice system. Your vote this election was powerful & now your signature needs to be just as powerful! I am collecting signatures for the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act – Petition. This petition is being stereotyped by those who are completely out of touch with the level of medical and mental health related suffering in our community.

I am getting signatures in support of medical marijuana from every voter demographic, age, political and faith background of you can imagine. Marijuana is not the gateway, that arguments has been thrown out the window long ago. The real gateways are the cycles of violence, mental health, chronic poverty, childhood based abuse & trauma in our City, County and State. Come in and sign this petition for Twin Falls County at Ooh La La Boutique​ Medical marijuana is part of the solution, stop the reefer madness nonsense. #ProMedicalMarijuana #ThePeopleFirst #LegalizeIdaho #MedicalMarijuana #Petition