The People First!

Proud to be the people’s candidate! I am humbled by the opportunity to represent. Outside of the Twin Falls political establishment and far from the crony “good ol’ boys and girls club.” Honored to represent the everyday, middle class families of our community. To represent the small business owners, and hard working individuals striving for a better life for their children. My campaign is 100% backed by the people! My full obligation is to serve the people of Twin Falls. Thank you for showing your support by making a small contribution.  I rather be backed by people with $5, $10, $20 each, than 1 special interests group donor of $1000. This seat is not for sale! I refuse to accept contributions to my campaign from special interest groups, corporate or realtors association, political party groups or anyone else trying to buy a seat on our Twin Falls City Council. This seat belongs to THE PEOPLE! VOTE BABAYAN this Nov 5th. #ThePeopleFirst #VoteBabayan #TwinFallsCityCouncil