Shoshone Falls

One of my favorite pictures I ever took of the Shoshone Falls. It makes me appreciate the water flowing even more. For tourist our nature is a breathtaking, picture backdrop during their vacation. Our rivers, canyons, hot springs, sunsets, wildlife and open spaces their occasional playground. For locals, our nature is a lifeline. More than a living space, our local nature is essential to our survival. The water gives life to the Magic Valley. Nature is sacred. It takes care of us, we must take care of it. I think of the Indigenous Americans and their “Seven Generation” philosophy about our relationship with Mother Nature. Every action should be a positive benefit the next seven generations, keeping us responsible to the environment. We must respect eco systems, protect the dignity and integrity of our sacred nature. Big box stores and over development has left our Canyon Rim mutilated. There is a fine balance of economic development and defending what’s sacred, what’s not for sale. We can develop subdivisions, attract big business and tourism and leave sites like our Canyon off the negotiation table. Nature belongs to the people. Choose sustainability, a lifestyle in harmony with nature. Speak up and defend our local lands. We hunt, fish, farm and live off these lands, honoring Mother Nature’s continual giving of abundance to us. Cherish our local nature, its a treasure, protect it for the next seven generations. #VoteBabayan #TwinFallsCityCouncil