Las Vegas Moment of Silence

How do you explain this to your children, when their pureness cannot compute adult evil? What happened in Las Vegas, could happen anywhere. Moment of silence and respect for the lives lost. Sending our deepest condolence, prayers, love energy from Twin Falls to our neighbors in Nevada as they begin to heal. To my children, it doesn’t make sense to you because it is senseless. People who hurt other people on purpose have no consciousness, their heart is sadmad. Now look at all the people helping one another, nurses, policeman, fireman and even strangers. Even the darkest room imaginable disappears instantly with the tiniest spark of light. Be that little spark. Be LIGHT, in Twin Falls, in Idaho, in the U.S and in the World. Be. Light. Always. #MomentofSilence #FromIdahoWithLove #Condolence #LasVegas #MassShooting #DomesticTerrorism #United#ThePeopleFirst