Bosnian Genocide Remembrance

I stand with my Bosnian-American friends on their most difficult day of remembrance of Srebrenica Genocide. July 11th marks the 22nd anniversary of the Bosnian Genocide. Even today, 22 years later, mass graves are discovered, bones are matched, the victim identified and buried by their loved ones. As an Armenian Genocide survivor myself, I deeply understand your heart’s agony of losing family members to the worst evil. Your trauma. We must remember, we must learn from history. Hatred, intolerance and discrimination can lead to language, policy, and can unleash the worse kinds of atrocities on our fellow humans. Remember the thousands of executed boys, men, and elderly, and dumped into mass graves. Remember the 20,000 – 30,000 girls and women were systematically raped as a tactic of war. Survivors live with this trauma… for most there will never be justice.