Parks & Rec Commission Service Award

What’s this? Humbled by this surprise. Thank you to the people of the City of Twin Falls for opportunity to serve, learn and grow with our community. When I was appointed to the P&R Commission 8 years ago, I was nervous, because I was pregnant with my first child and unsure how I would balance. Becoming a parent has only created more passion and purpose in me to preserve our sacred nature, the importance of parks and a healthy community. Since then, both my children have grown up in City Meetings and watching my example of civic duty in my adoptive country. This is most important to me, to demonstrate to my children proactive citizenship. I encourage all my peers to serve, at least once in your lifetime, on a government commission, community round table, school groups. Teach your children to participate in their democracy and appreciate their way of life here. Thank you again Twin Falls! #VoteBabayan #TwinFallsCityCouncil