Liyah Babayan for City Council Seat #5

Representing “The People First” is Liyah’s number one priority as she advocates for a more transparent, inclusive, and responsible local government!

Important Dates

Voting Registration Deadline: Oct 8th 2021
Early Voting: Oct 18th-29th 2021
Request a Mail-In Ballot: Oct 22nd, 2021 by 5pm
Election Day: November 2nd, 2021

Local Issues

Transparent and Inclusive Government

The proper role of government is to be limited, transparent, and accountable to the people first. Free from conflict of interest or kickbacks, City Council is obligated to expose dishonesty, waste, and laziness in its government operations.

Affordable Housing and Taxes

As our city grows rapidly, the rising cost of living, housing and doing business affects everyone. Tax payers have the burden of picking up the tab. City Council is obligated to be conservative by cutting waste, streamlining government spending and invest our tax dollars wisely.

Healthy Community

Twin Falls' 2030 Strategic-Plan vision is to be a community with a broad‐based commitment to the long‐range health of its citizens and visitors. A healthy community begins with healthy families and individuals. We are ignoring the biggest threat to public health and safety in our community. The meth and opioid epidemic is spreading and destroying families in our community.

Environmental Impact & Regional Development

The Magic Valley's natural resources aren't infinite. It's our duty to preserve and sustain our precious resources for generations to come. Common sense development and environmental policies will help to ensure our farmers, community members, and businesses will have enough water and land resources while preserving our beautifully unique ecosystems.

Equality and Dignity in Representation

Every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. The heritage and history of Twin Falls includes settlers, migrants, and immigrants from all backgrounds. Historically, our City Council has represented a limited demographic. Twin Falls has a growing diversity and a younger generation seeking to have an impact.

Supporting Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy and promoters of our unique community culture & traditions. As a small business owner and small scale manufacturer, I understand how government can support small businesses in succeeding or slow down progress with excessive and overreaching regulations.

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